Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss) (Volume 1) - Nalini Singh

Well, I think I've mentioned that I really, really like Nalini Singh.


So Rock Addiction is one of her newest books. Hey, something has to keep me entertained until Archangel's Shadows comes out.


This book... didn't disappoint but then, I'm not going to give it a standing ovation.


It was a pure fluff romance between two emotionally scarred individuals, one a rock star and one a librarian who's trying to forget her family and the past it has.


That's the storyline in its most simplistic terms.


While Rock Addiction was good, it wasn't her Psy-Changling series or her Guild Hunter's Series, either.


What I absolutely love about Singh's writing is how... human her human characters are and how alien her non-human characters are.


Singh probably could have built the world of Schoolboy Choir a bit better, but over all, I liked this book.