Trepidation, thy name is Aki...

Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh

You know, I kept seeing the title for the fourth in this series Archangel's Blade as a recommendation on Barnes and Nobles-- you know, the recommendations after you buy a book of a certain genre, they not-so-subtly nudge you to buy another book and waste more money. 


It's a common ploy. Retail does it all the damn time.


So... I bit the bullet. I bought it from iBooks, the first one where Elena meets Raphael while tracking a blood-born angel named Uram.


See, in this world, arch angels rule different quadrants of the world. The Archangel Raphael (who is an actual archangel according to Judeo-Christian views) is the ruler of North America. And it doesn't hurt that Raphael is sexy as sin. 


The archangels that rule the world are grouped together in a cadre. This is where they meet to make decision and generally talk. The problem that brings Elena into the picture is that the Archangel Uram has gone mad with the toxins in his body that hadn't been drained. The toxins have to be drained or the angel will lose his or her sanity. It's not explained in this book about this toxin other than this is what creates vampires-- not the usual blood drain, etc. 


Of course she and Raphael get together, too. 


My thoughts? I liked this book. I truly enjoyed it. It was sexy, hot, fun, and had a plot that was actually original. I was hesitant at first, but the plot gripped me, wouldn't let me go, and I've read every other book since and I'm eagerly waiting for the seventh book so I can preorder it.