Halfway to the Grave

Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost

So... there are a lot of vampire books out there.


The Twilight series doesn't count.


Nor does The Dark Heroine, or the Marked series.


But there are a lot of vampire books and series out there.


This is one of my favorites.


I discovered Jeaniene Frost when my mother showed me this book. I shrugged it off, thinking, another vampire book. Blah.


Then I read Once Burned, a spin-off of the Night Huntress Series.


Hello, Vlad!


Then I went back and bought this book.


Hello sinfully sexy Bones! Hello Catherine (Cat) Crawfield-- a farmers grandaughter who was born half vampire.


Yeah, I know. Everyone just stares and says the same thing: Vampires can't reproduce, duh.


And this isn't Vampire Hunter D!


Well... yes, normally vampires can't reproduce, and yes, I know that this isn't Vampire Hunter D.


But see, the creep that fathered Cat wasn't dead very long when he "raped" Cat's mother and impregnated her. (See, as you later learn, it wasn't really rape.) So like it or not, Cat's half-vampire.


And thanks to her mother who instilled within her that all vampires are evil bloodsuckers, Cat made it her mission to kill every last one of them.


I'd like to say that then she met Bones and it changed, but the fact is, even Bones couldn't actually change that about her. But he did train her after she proved that she was what she said she was.


And for a while, they worked together until she was given an ultimatum that takes her away from Bones for a couple of years. Remember, it's a series.


My thoughts? This book was excellent. One of the truly good vampire novels I've read.