Non-stop Action...

Midnight's Daughter - Karen Chance

Yes, it's another vampire book.


Sort of.


No, it's not Vampire Hunter D, but it is similar to the Night Huntress Series.


Sort of.


Dorina's half-vampire, too. Same thing for her. Her father didn't realize the curse that was upon him and he got a girl pregnant.


The two world's are sort of similar. Maybe.


Although, I prefer Jeaniene Frost's Vlad to the Karen Chance's.


So, Dorina's half vampire. But unlike Cat from Jeaniene Frost, she can't be changed into a full-fledged vampire. She should know, she's tried. She also suffers from murderous rages that she blacks out from.


Her father, who's part of the Vampire Senate (I know, right?), has "hired" her to hunt down his brother: the infamous Vlad. Last time she tried, she was eviscerated. This is in addition to finding her best friend (only friend, really) Claire.


Now her father wants her to try again because Vlad's back from where ever he was trapped and wants revenge yet again. But Dorina won't be working alone. Vampire Louis-Cesare is her co-pilot and you would think that things are just hot, hot, hot between them, but truthfully? There's more steam between Dorina and Caedemon (a fae lord) than her and Louis-Cesare. Not for lack of trying on Dorina's part. Still, if I had to choose, I'd love to see her with Caedemon.


But see, the strange thing is, Vlad in this story (aside from being a complete sociopath) reminds me of a spoiled child.


Over all, this book was non-stop action-- to the point where it actually kind of annoyed me. But that being said, I did enjoy it and would recommend it,