Cryer's Cross - Lisa McMann

I read this book long ago. I think it was a deal with Barnes and Noble or something where you pay x-amount of dollars plus tax and viola! a book. Or maybe it was a free deal. *shrugs* Semantics, I suppose. Either way, I read it.


Conceptually, it wasn't a bad story. Conceptually, that is.


The execution was horrible.


I don't understand why some fiction authors think that second person p.o.v. is okay. It's not.


I can admit that I hate reading a book that's written in a semi-camera point of view and then seeing you, yours, etc.


Second person point of view is the most awful form of writing for fiction.


I don't recall much more of the story, aside from how much I hated it because of the second person point of view that this author seems to love.


My opinion? Don't bother with it.